We are using CareMonkey to:

  • replace the paper based ‘Health forms’ for all activities
  • Communicate with you via eMail in addition to our other ways of emailing you
  • To get your permission for your cub/scout to attend scouting events
  • To allow you to pay online for events, such as camps. using credit cards

Please ensure your child’s details are correct on CareMonkey.

If you are a new member please complete the CareMonkey profile for your child. You will receive a personalised eMail from CareMonkey once you have paid your registration fees.

When entering CareMonkey details please ensure:

  • you use the same name you used  to register your child. For example if you used the name ‘Will’ on the registration form don’t use “William” in CareMonkey

We will send you emails from CareMonkey advising you of upcoming 7th Ringwood Scouts events such as camps. When you receive these emails you can:

  • Get a description of the event including what it is, when it is and how much it costs
  • Accept or reject your participation in the event and know when your response is due
  • If there is a cost to participate in the event you can pay online in CareMonkey (preferred) or use our standard EFT arrangements

You can access CareMonkey here  https://groups.caremonkey.com/users/sign_in


We are using CareMonkey (Updated)