The current Victorian coronavirus restrictions are effective from September 28:

Metropolitan Melbourne moved to Step 2 on September 28.

In Step 2, there is no face-to-face Scouting in Metropolitan Melbourne, this includes all indoor or outdoor Scouting for youth and/or adult members. Campsites in Metropolitan Melbourne remain closed to visitors.

Regional Victoria moved to Step 3 on September 17

In Step 3, Regional Victoria can undertake face-to-face outdoor Scouting in small groups.

  • Groups in Regional Victoria can undertake face-to-face outdoor Scouting limited to 10 participants plus those required to conduct the activity
  • Overnight activities are not yet permitted as camping is only permitted for household groups
  • Any members who live in Metropolitan Melbourne cannot attend any face-to-face Scouting even if their Group is located within Regional Victoria
  • Halls and other indoor property in Regional Victoria remain closed for Scouting activities but can be accessed to undertake necessary maintenance, etc.
  • Campsite accommodation can open for household group bookings, Scout program day-activities, and for use by School Camps in line with government guidelines.

Further directions on Scouting in Step 3 can be found here:

Generic COVIDSafe Plans for Scouts Victoria activities

These generic COVIDSafe Plans can either be used as is or modified to suit your situation. If you use the generic plans as written, then you must implement the COVIDSafe tasks as described. If you need to edit the COVIDSafe Plan for your own activity, you should also modify the Location/Activity, “Prepared by” and “Date prepared” on the plan.

Victorian Government Roadmap to Reopening

The Victorian government COVID-19 Roadmap to Reopening gives us a way to navigate out of the current situation. The following table aligns the roadmap steps with reopening  Scouting activities.

The dates in the diagram are estimates based on the predictions in the Victorian Government COVID-19 modelling – they are not fixed and are subject to change.

Further information is available on our FAQ’s

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