Police Check and WWC Card Renewals

Police Check (Vic Scouts Use Only)

Renewing  your National Police Check is a simple, two-step process:

  1. You need to provide certified copies of 100 points of identification. A list of suitable identification is attached here. You may scan and send these certified copies of identification to policechecks@scoutsvictoria.com.au or by post, addressed to the Privacy Officer, Victorian Scout Centre, 152 Forster Road, Mount Waverly 3149. Including your Registration Number will speed up the process.

  2. Once we have the certified copies of 100 points of identification, you will be emailed a link to an on-line application form to apply for your National Police Check. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

That’s it. The Scouts Victoria will contact you and update your record as appropriate.

Please do not undergo your own National Police Check.  This will not only cost you money, but it is most likely that you will not request a National Police Check that we can accept.   The National Police Checks that we conduct cover more than just Child Protection issues.

WWC Card (Vic Scouts Use Only)

You should have been contacted by the Department of Justice and Regulation 28 days prior to expiry and by Vic Scout informing you that your card is due for renewal.

If you did not receive any notification you should urgently contact the Department’s Working With Children Check Unit on 1300 652 879.

How to renew your WWC card can be found at the following site:


It is a requirement that you renew your card and provide evidence to the Victorian Scout Centre by mail or email of the renewal prior to expiry to maintain your membership. The Working With Children Check Act provides no grace period once a card has expired.

You must present evidence of renewal in person, by post or by email to the Membership Support Team who will update your Working With Children Check details on Vic Scouts membership system.